This is me.

The Invisible Hostess. Event Planner. Coffee Fanatic. Canadian Born. Boy Mom. 

The Beginning

It all began when I agreed to plan a wedding for a friend simply because I enjoyed planning and organizing. Let me tell you, I fell in love! (Pun absolutely intended.) My creative mind took off with possibilities and I immediately enrolled in ABC Wedding Planning Certification Course. This landed me a job at a historic event venue where I branched out to all types of events: paranormal, conferences, bridal shows, etc. From there, the rest is history!

The Name

I am a firm believer in the saying "If I'm doing my job right, you shouldn't see me." I am there, as the Invisible Hostess, to ensure every event detail goes smoothly without you having to stress.

The Mission

Jaimie-Lee Event Company was founded with one goal in mind: to design and produce creative and unforgettable experiences for every
occasion using an innovative mix of solutions to ensure that all the details are covered. 


Photo Credit: Autumn Noel Photography

See ya later, 2020!


A note from owner, Jaimie-Lee Jurgensen:

During COVID-19, I had timed this launch announcement to occur the first week of July 2020, with strong hopes that the global pandemic would be behind us. When it wasn't, it was time to reassess. 

Now that we’re adjusting to the “new normal,” I thought I could share what is, to me, happy news. Happy because as the owner of The Jaimie-Lee Event Company, I feel like I have so much to accomplish in the Reno/Tahoe event industry. Happy because I am learning to adapt and use creative solutions. I hope to pioneer services that are in demand today and well into the future. Happy because as a creative,  I am able to begin this career chapter with great pride and now have the ability to look forward to new pursuits. Happy because I will have a hand in many  “best days ever.”

I was eagerly planning a huge “launch” party, but since that is unlikely, I do hope to celebrate with everyone who has supported me throughout this journey: vendor friends,  family, wedding couples, and employees. The Jaimie-Lee Event Company story is layered, wild and just begun. I look forward to “kicking off with a bang” when we all can.

Until that time comes, thank you Reno/Tahoe for the most life shaping journey of my life.

Jaimie-Lee Jurgensen, Owner